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Projects and Concepts

Art is something I have enjoyed doing ever since I have been a child.  The basic experience of using my hands and a medium to reflect and communicate what is in the mind is truly a beneficial experience.  Different forms of art are expressions of different areas of my mind and learning how to communicate and work with them is continuously inspirational.

Pattern and Organizational Art

While sometimes crude and childlike because what is drawn as a rough draft is sometimes drawn from the childlike aspect within myself.  This style of art helps me organize my thoughts and gain inspiration on a project because it connects and places concepts in a coherent fashion that could otherwise be isolated or left un-incorporated.

Line Art

Here precision of depiction is emphasized and clarity of communication in the form of the image and its message is at the forefront.

Tye Dye

Tye Dye is a way to showcase the raw beauty of nature by guiding natural entropic processes into patterns of ones choosing that can then be appreciated in physical form as wearable pieces of art that hint at the beauty of star clusters and nebulae.


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